About Us

Hilbish Design

About Us

Hilbish Design was founded in 2013 by Nathan Hilbish, the brains behind all of our projects. Our desire is to bring high quality, unique and affordable gear into the right hands. Our motto here is "Have Fun & Make Noise", because that's what we believe in. 

We are a very small organization, run by Nathan and his wife Ashley. So if you're wondering why it takes us so long to release new products or grow our product line ... it's because outside of running this, we both work full time jobs.  We take our time and make sure what we're selling is well-designed and thought out to last you for many years. 

Together, we bring unique qualities to the table to make your experience with us the best it can be! With an undergraduate and master's degree in electrical engineering plus his eclectic collections of vintage and new gear, and his years in college recording and touring with Windhand, Nathan has tons of experience from concept to creation for all of our items. They are 100% his designs, whether they are clones that have been reverse engineered or a Hilbish original. Ashley was an art student in school, and runs her families business as an interior designer as her "regular job", and she does all of the behind the scenes things that help us run so smoothly. She is the one who answers your emails, keeps Nathan on track by helping with builds, and most importantly packs your orders up! 

We try and source all of our work as locally to Lynchburg, VA as possible to help support small businesses. Understanding and valuing the importance of shopping small businesses is very important to us, and we are thankful for everyone who makes it important to them when they shop with us! Here's to many more years of Hilbish Design with our hopes of making this our 9-5. 

-Nathan & Ashley Hilbish