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Beta Amplifier 200

Image of Beta Amplifier 200
On sale

We are wrapping up development of the next generation of Beta Amplifiers and are offering a greatly discounted Pre-Order price. The new Beta Amplifiers feature updated thermal monitoring and regulation to help squeeze every possible Watt out the amp, Speakon speaker connectors, and an updated brushed aluminum face plate.

There are two pre-order options. The first is 20% off the retail price ($950) if paid in full. The second option is half down non-refundable payment, which the rest being due at the time of shipping.

Completed amps will begin shipping in September and go through the end of the year.

Note their may be minor changes in the appearance of the final product. But overall look and colors will remain the same.

Introducing the Hilbish Design Beta Amplifier. A versatile amplifier for guitar and bass that puts out a crushing 200 watts into 4 ohms. Built on our popular Beta Preamp platform, the Beta Amplifier offers the same huge tone with two foot switch controlled channels, 5 effects loops, and independent channel level controls all housed in a heavy duty (3 rack space) steel enclosure.

- Drive controls go from clean to over the top fuzz
- Independent level controls for each channel for a range of blended tones
- Three band active EQ for each channel
- Effects loops for each channel accessible from the front and back panel for a wide variety of patching options, and allow delay spillover when switching channels
- Channels A and B can be used separately or combined in parallel
- Master effects loop
- 200 watt (4 OHM Load) Class D power amp with two parallel speaker outputs
- Universal powersupply allows operation anywhere in the world
- Included foot switch controls channel switching
- Add a head Sleeve for $300.00