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Beta Amplifier

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Introducing the Hilbish Design Beta Amplifier. A versatile amplifier for guitar and bass that puts out a crushing 700 watts into 4 ohms. Built on our popular Beta Preamp platform, the Beta Amplifier offers the same huge tone with two foot switch controlled channels, 5 effects loops, and independent channel level controls all housed in a heavy duty (3 rack space) steel enclosure.

Amps will ship on or before Dec 20th 2018.

- Drive controls go from clean to over the top fuzz
- Independent level controls for each channel for a range of blended tones
- Three band active EQ for each channel
- Effects loops for each channel accessible from the front and back panel for a wide variety of patching options, and allow delay spillover when switching channels
- Channels A and B can be used separately or combined in parallel
- Master effects loop
- 700 watt (4 OHM Load) Class D power amp with two parallel speaker outputs
- Universal powersupply allows operation anywhere in the world
- Included foot switch controls channel switching
- Professionally powder coated Red Sparkle Faceplate
- Custom faceplate colors available, please email ( for a quote and lead times
- Add a head Sleeve for $300.00

We are honored to receive a Premier Gear Award from Premier Guitar. See the review here.